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Elly supports you throughout the structuring and design of your products /services.

Our agency is able to guide and assist you with your important graphic design choices. It’s crucial to have a good digital strategy also the best conception.

Our professional graphic designers will help you with your projects.

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Graphic Design Agency tunisia
graphic design tunisia

Graphic Design
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The attractive power of a company's visual identity is the cornerstone of effective communication. The best marketing tool for capturing attention is the graphic image.
With Elly we can assist you in realizing your needs by producing all types of media, whether printable or digital, by placing your trust in a communications agency.
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Elly started the adventure with a few clients in the field of international transport and logistics, here are some of the names. That said, it is not only this area of ​​activity that interests us because we can assist all types of clients in any specialty.

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The steps to create a graphic charter?

First of all, you must choose the colors of your logo carefully in order to have a color palette adapted to your field of activity. To decide to have a harmonious color palette, you must choose 4 maximum 5 colors for the graphic charter which corresponds to the values ​​that you want to convey to your consumers/users. There are rules to follow for the logo, a graphic charter is like a specification that we must respect all the written details: the size of the logo, the security perimeter, the prohibited logos with the colors that we should not use... But you also need to define the typography of your logo, and the visual universe that corresponds to your brand.

What are the main elements of graphic design?
Designers classify the different types of visuals they have to work with as graphic elements. Colors – Although colors are strongly linked to emotions, they are also scientifically based. Fonts: in addition to the meaning of the words, the shape and style of the letters produce a particular impression. Shapes – shape is everything that is visible. Lines can direct attention and create movement.
Graphic design techniques?

Balance and Alignment: Symmetry and positioning of design creates order. Contrast: Design elements should interact with each other, and the differences between them can be exaggerated to produce a specific effect. Emphasis: The design should select which pieces of information to emphasize over others (usually using contrast and proportion). Movement: design can encourage movement and dynamism. Proportions: graphics use size and weight to differentiate elements from each other. Repetition: To promote cohesion, the design uses elements that are repetitive or refer to each other.

The graphic design process?
So how is a design actually created? Each professional has their own process but the following steps are the most common. The creative brief Analysis and research The idea The final result Feedback from each client
Future graphic designer: What are my essential tools?
A Pantone shade chart. The Pantone color chart serves as a universal reference when creating a visual identity. A program for creating pages. A photo editing program.A video editing tool and a vector image editing tool. Examples: The Adobe family (illustrator, phostoshop, aftereffect, adobe premiere pro etc...)

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