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Elly Agency, we specialize in community management services tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing your online presence through strategic social media management, engaging content creation, and targeted audience interaction.

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Engage Your Audience, Maximize Your Sponsorship Opportunities

Elly prepares your publications on time through digital communication with your customers. Whether you use sponsoring or not, we have the best community managers and we will advise you step by step through to the successful completion of each project.

We provide you with a dedicated and motivated team to prepare the design and conception of your publications.

With Elly’s experts we optimize your social media, ads in Tunisia. In order to give you the best possible return on investment, our team takes care of the planning, execution, and analysis of your campaigns.


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Elly's employees have the know-how that allows them to carry out customer instructions perfectly.

The essential thing is good digital communication aimed at sending an effective and simple message to your customers.

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    What are the steps to create a good communication strategy on social networks?
    Today, the presence of social networks has taken a very large place in our daily lives, which is why we must adapt our social network strategy to changes in consumer expectations.You must first develop a strategy adapted to the needs of your business, define the targeted audience to be able to know the appropriate message.To interest and effectively engage the community, it is necessary to create informative content through social media formats: infographics (post, advertising poster, video animation, etc.) but also, follow the competition to be up to date, draw inspiration from current trends, know the positioning of competitors in addition to distinguishing yourself.To obtain satisfactory results, it is imperative to develop a schedule that will be coherent and realistic capable of committing in the long term to know the frequency of publication and the number of subscribers, in order to measure KPIs on social networks and performance of its strategy.
    Digital marketing VS print marketing?

    Digital marketing encompasses all means of online communication, such as online advertising or social networks.

    However, print marketing concerns all physical communication media such as advertising posters, flyers, business cards, diaries, etc.

    Marketing in general has several advantages whether digital or print, print has a longer durability which affects the general public but communicating digitally has now become essential on social networks.

    Rather than putting them in competition and choosing between the two, why not use them together to complement each other?

    By increasing all your chances of reaching as many potential customers as possible, you can implement a whole multi-channel strategy using the different characteristics of the two types of communication in order to obtain a good, much more varied campaign to encourage the general public to join you. follow.

    The main missions of the CM?

    The main objectives of community management are To improve the communication strategy, create and publish content, respond to user comments and messages, organize online events and collect data
    about the community.

    Therefore, analysis work, creation of impactful content and strategy are necessary. Understanding that content published on Instagram will not be identical to that published on LinkedIn or YouTube. The Community manager must therefore manage many areas simultaneously if he wants to succeed in developing the visibility of the brand.

    What types of content do you want to distribute on social networks?
    An important step in your social media strategy is creating a content strategy. The type of content you share should not conflict with your brand goals and audience expectations.This content strategy should be part of an overall communications marketing strategy that also uses social media. This obviously involves disseminating this information on various media, such as social networks.
    How to evaluate the success of your work on social networks? How to evaluate the success of your work on social networks?
    To determine whether your social media efforts are successful, it is essential to establish KPI key performance indicators. These measures can be linked to your personal goals.For example, if your goal is to increase traffic to your website, you could monitor the number of clicks on links on your site. If your goal is to make your brand more widely known, you might want to keep an eye on the number of mentions of your brand on social media.
    What tools does the community manager use?
    Here are 15 tools designed for the community manager, enabling him to cover and manage several actions, including :Social network management, Customer relations,Content programming and sharing, Community management, Traffic analysis, e-reputation monitoring and notifications, Graphic design, etc.