Trends of Community Management

The Impact of new Technologies on the role of the Community Manager

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The influence of new technologies

Today's customers want a personalized experience. Community managers must now master the art of personalization, tailoring content to individual preferences. Famous personalities are no longer the only ones setting the standards. Micro-influencers, accompanied by their engaged followers, are gaining ground.

To enhance brand credibility, community managers must adapt by establishing partnerships with these emerging figures. The distinction between the virtual and the real is blurred. To offer immersive experiences, social media are increasingly adopting augmented virtual reality. Community managers need to be aware of these technologies in order to produce innovative and captivating content.

New Technologies of the Community Manager

Community management is not just a new specialty or field of activity. It's a new way of looking at communication, and a new way of conceiving the relationship between a company and its customers. To fully understand its raison d'être and perceive all its facets, it's important to look at the context in which it occurs. Social media are redefining the way messages used to be conceived, disseminated and shared.

1.What are the responsibilities of a community manager?

Our community manager is responsible for ensuring positive interaction between the brand's online community. This involves tasks such as content creation and management. They also manage the animation and moderation of online communities.

2.Create and manage content

Creating and managing content is one of the most important responsibilities of a community manager. This professional is responsible for creating a content strategy that responds to the targeted brand and community.

This can include:

- Writing: videos, blog posts,

- Creating social media campaigns.

To ensure that the content created is up-to-date and relevant, the community manager must also monitor online trends and conversations. Social media campaigns now incorporate augmented reality. Community managers need to use this technology to develop interactive and memorable experiences that strengthen the links between the community and the brand.

3.Communication and community management skills

A community manager has to be a good community manager. This means being able to manage interactions with community members, solve problems and maintain a positive atmosphere. To manage interactions with customers, partners and influencers, he or she must have public relations skills. The community manager must also be able to identify and manage online crises to maintain the company's reputation.

4.Ability to assess and monitor performance

An effective community manager must be able to analyze and monitor results. They must be able to measure the impact of campaigns and strategies, analyze data and make decisions based on that data. Understanding social media statistics and analysis tools is essential. This makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of actions and modify them if necessary.

5.Adapting to new trends and technologies

A good community manager must be able to adapt to new trends and technologies. He or she must be aware of the ever-changing social media landscape, new platforms and user behaviors.


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