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What does a graphic charter contain and what are its objectives?

the importance of graphic charter


What is a graphic charter ?

The term "graphic charter" comes from the Latin word "charta", meaning "paper or letter". In French, charta means "law, fundamental rule".

By including the word graphic, the result is a graphic charter, a reference document. It is also known as a "graphic standards book". It contains all the fundamental rules for using the graphic signs that make up the visual identity of a company, brand, organization, association or project. It ensures that the visual communication of a company or organization is homogeneous and coherent (internal or external communication).

What's the point of a graphic charter?

Mastering a company's overall image is what a graphic charter is all about. It makes it easier to remember and identify the company, its brand and its products. This is particularly true for SMEs that don't have much contact with their customers. Larger companies can use 360° communication, which emphasizes the transversality of the message across all media. This allows you to communicate with one voice and easily adjust all the parameters of your image.

The second advantage is that you can convey a coherent message to the consumer and give him or her a general image of the company.

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The objectives and benefits of a graphic charter

One of the aims of a graphic charter is to ensure that all a company's graphic creations are consistent.

Its implementation guarantees a homogeneous visual identity that can be adopted by a company's customers and partners (suppliers, graphic designers, press, etc.). In this way, the graphic charter makes it possible to communicate "with one voice", which has a positive effect on the company's image.

L'autre objectif est de permettre au récepteur d'identifier facilement l'émetteur en utilisant la cohérence associée à la récurrence des différentes réalisations graphiques.

Un autre avantage important est qu'une charte graphique complète permet de faciliter et d'accélérer la création de nouveaux supports de communication. Pour créer de nouveaux supports, il suffit de reprendre les fondamentaux existants.


A graphic charter is essential for effective communication. Some organizations even create a website to help their partners use their graphic charter.

It's also an essential tool in a company's communications strategy, with the aim of reinforcing its image and identity. Trust our experts, and we'll help you every step of the way.