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5 SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

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Although SEA campaigns give immediate visibility to your website, SEO optimization remains the best long-term method for increasing organic traffic. Here are some tips for improving your SEO to generate more organic traffic and conversion rates.

How can we increase our position in Google? A study examines current SEO factors and is highly instructive. Since the arrival of the algorithm, based on artificial intelligence techniques, many SEO agencies are wondering which is the best SEO strategy to use. They're also wondering whether social networks are really important for improving their positioning.

How can you improve your SEO?
Even if it's difficult to find universal rules as Google's algorithms adapt more and more in real time, here are five tips and conclusions based on the study that could help SEOs and marketers see a little more clearly in their quest for better natural positioning.

How to target the right keywords ?​

In order to optimize the website, keyword research involves finding and analyzing the search terms that people type into search engines.

Using the following criteria: popularity, search volume and conversion potential, webmasters or SEO experts need to find these keywords. We can use several tools or keyword planner from Google Ads, Optimiz SEO and SEMrush will be useful.

It makes sense to be able to create pages that target these keywords by integrating them in strategic places on the website:

-The title of the page: This is a crucial signal for Google to find page content relevant to the keyword.
-The meta description: The main keyword must be included in the meta-description tag of the page in question.
-Content: Frequently use the main keyword, its variations and an appropriate semantic field.
-URL: A reliable URL allows visitors and Google to identify the content of the page.

Update website structure​

The structure of a website is crucial for good SEO, but not only that. Therefore, e-retailers must be sure that their structure meets the needs of their website and the expectations of search engines. To avoid having a shaky SEO strategy, the site tree must be updated in order to support all natural referencing actions.

Use social media to boost traffic to your website

Social media is a great way to increase website and blog traffic. It is not necessary to be present on all social networks, just choose those that correspond to your sector of activity and identify those that appeal to your target audience. To gain visibility, you can then interact with your community and promote your content. For example: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

Create more content

It is a mistake to believe that only a showcase website requires content. Creating content for a targeted audience is essential for your online store. Not only will it be interesting to get positions and organic traffic, but it will also be interesting to direct and convert traffic.

People often make the mistake of believing that SEO is a set-it-and-forget-it task. Even if you rank well for your target keyword, that status doesn't last. Competitors may try to "steal" your position or Google may lower your rankings when your content becomes outdated.

Therefore, to maintain your positioning on Google, you need to keep your content up to date. The audit will tell you which articles need to be updated.

Develop A Mobile Friendly Website

More and more Internet users are buying smartphones. This demonstrates the importance of optimizing your website for mobile navigation. If this were not the case, you would lose many visits and lose many potential customers.

Mobile optimization ensures that visitors using mobile devices will have the best experience on your website. Therefore, mobile friendliness has a significant impact on the SERPs of your online store.

-Examine whether your website is mobile-friendly.
-Choose the best option for your mobiles: a dynamic design, dynamic delivery, a distinct website or mobile application...
-Apply the most effective mobile SEO techniques: Make sure the website meets Google's requirements.
-Offer a pleasant phone interface.
-Optimize page loading time and speed on mobile devices.
-Think about mobile navigation and user experience.
-Optimize the payment process.


Online SEO is crucial to the success of your business and online sales. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary source of traffic for most sites, accounting for about half of total traffic and has a significant impact on online sales. While other means, such as social media advertising, Google Ads campaigns or affiliate marketing, can generate much more revenue, they are very expensive and unsustainable.

However, SEO for your e-commerce site is not a simple task that gives immediate and lasting results. Trust Elly, a web agency specializing in the SEO of online sales sites.